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"The Earth is what we all have in common."

-Wendell Berry

It's life-sustaining, awe-inspiring beauty is something that must be shared, revered, and protected, so that it may be honored for generations. These sentiments, and more, are represented in the compelling creations of these exceptional young artists.


2023 Festival Winner

Elliot Brownell

"Bits Bobs and Everything In-Between"
Johnstown Junior Senior High School, 10
ink, gouache, colored pencil

Artist Statement:
For this work I wanted to really focus on everything that makes nature and the earth really special to me. There are so many things that take my breath away everyday I go outside. From the dew on the grass to the stars in the night. The way storms roll in unannounced. How the sunlight that lets us see blinds our eyes. These things may not have any real purpose, and they don’t need to. They can exist and can be loved simply for existing. I think it’s simply incredible that I’m able to see and admire things that aren’t made to last. that I can love these things that are so meek in the grand scheme of things and give them meaning. Even if the frost in the early mornings is gone in a week, I’ll have known that it gave me joy, and isn’t that just wonderful?

2023 Performance
Art Winner

Iris Liu and April Zhang

"采薇 - Cai Wei"
Myers Ballet School, Grade 10

2023 Literary
Art Winner

Lauren Zhu

"Nomad's Lullaby"
Shaker High School, Grade 12

My dream home is a stained

glass arboretum, far away, under Greenland

midnight suns. Until a nightmare chases me


from my lonely room, across cold tile

to my mother’s bed, & I tuck my head

against her trembling chest.



Visual Art



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